Media Relations

Media Relations

We work to develop meaningful relationships and coverage with a targeted base of journalists at various media outlets. Then we take it to the next tier by merchandising that coverage and cascading it to a wider range of regional, trade and mainstream outlets using several activity streams: 

  • Media relationship building
  • Story idea generation 
  • Authored article creation and placement
  • News flow support
  • Multi-purposing content across social media networks

Media Training

Make sure your company is ready when media opportunities arise. 

We help you prepare for media interviews by crafting the key messages you want to come through in the media coverage of your company. 

Once your messages are in place, we work with you to hone your new skills delivering those messages in a crisp, concise way.

Crisis Communications

Protect your reputation by getting ahead of unforeseen developments. 

• Lawsuits

• Employee deaths

• Employee arrests

• Major changes to your business model

• Product recalls

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